Very Local Stuff (and a trip to Truro)

Hello Gang

Sometimes I have to remind myself that I’ve got a brilliant job filled with fun and some genuinely amazing people. This weekend is no exception.


It’s been a brilliant week so far – I’ve been at JB Shorts at Joshua Brooks every night to see my play ‘Leaky Bacon’ (along with 5 other plays) being performed by three of the most fantastic actors.(That’s Jacqueline Pilton and Wendy Patterson in the photo, playing Nan and Mum pic. credit Braínne Edge) I’m genuinely thrilled with what they and Rupert Hill have done with it. Every time I’ve seen it I’ve come away feeling a little bit better about everything. Please come and see it if you get the chance. It’s best booking online as they’ve been turning people away on the door. It’s downstairs in a great pub that does really nice pies and real ales and all that stuff. It’s on now until the 12th April – I’m doing the box office on the 8th and 9th – see you there. Tickets here

We’ve got Laugh Local tonight (4th April) – Gary Delaney, Allyson Smith and Mike Newall – plus there might be a special guest. As always it’s a cracking night of comedy down at the Irish Club in Chorlton – tickets for that here

Saturday I’m on Fighting Talk on 5 Live at 11am with Freddie Flintoff, Robbie Savage, Richard Osman and Brian Noble – can’t wait, and then I’m MC at the Comedy Store in Manchester with a great line up including my mate Paul Sinha – the Sinhaman(Sinnerman?) from The Chase.

Then Sunday I’m off to Truro – can’t wait, a gig on the Quayside as part of the Festival with Roger Monkhouse and Tom Wrigglesworth.

It’s going to be a great weekend with loads of great people.

Speak soon chums

Justin xx



So tonight is the night. First night of JB Shorts at Joshua Brooks – if you’ve not been before I reckon you should. It’s 6 x 15 min plays by some decent writers (and me) with excellent Mancunian acting talent and some top notch directing. What’s not to like? Laughter, sadness, music and you can have a drink whilst you watch. My play “Leaky Bacon” has been directed by Rupert Hill and has a wonderful cast including Gracie Kelly and Woo Patterson and Jacqueline Pilton. I saw the dress rehearsal last night and I was blown away. I’m so proud of it, and I’d love it if you could take a punt on it – it’s on from tonight until the 12th April – there’s a Saturday matinee too. Only £6 – well worth it. Tickets are going fast www.jbshorts.co.uk





Hell Chums

Hope you are all well and life is treating you like the special person you are? You deserve it kid.

Sorry I haven’t posted on here for a while but I’ve been dead busy and lazy.

Since I last posted I’ve done some lovely gigs in the Middle East with Mike Gunn and Paul Sinha – both fine comics and splendid human beings. You should check them out, they are both on tour Paul is here and Mike is supporting Lee Mack on tour.

The podcast is going from strength to strength you can find it here – although I haven’t done one this week as my voice is kaput.

In other news, the adaptation of Everyone Quite Likes Justin (a sitcom I did for 2 series on Radio 4) for television is gathering pace, we did a read for important television people recently and they liked it, so it has moved another little bit. I’m not sure I can tell you exactly what is happening yet, but rest assured it’ll be good and fun and you’ll like it.

The other thing I’m happy to tell you about is that I’ve been asked to write a short play for JB Shorts. JB Shorts is a fantastic night out, 6 short plays (15 mins) in one night at Joshua Brooks in Manchester. I’ve been to loads of them and had a great night each time. So I was chuffed to be asked to write one, so I did, and now it’s finished and Rupert Hill is directing it. He’s a brilliant bloke. We will be looking for 3 actors – all female, aged 20′s 40′s and 60′s. It’s a profit share thing so no one is getting rich, however they are great parts (I humbly state) and lots of industry people come and look etc. You know the drill if you are in the acting game anyhow….The casting breakdown/contacts will be on the JB Shorts website/facebook etc.

That’t for now, speak soon


Justin xx





Happy New Year/Podcast











Hello Friends and Happy New Year

I hope the festive period treated you well?

I had a nice time and did some lovely gigs, thanks to everyone who came and saw me on tour – really appreciated. Really, really.

Lots going on at the moment and hopefully I’ll have some good news to share with you shortly about ‘projects’

After a little Christmas and New Year hiatus the podcast is back – GET IT HERE

Gigs this week :-

Thursday 9th January Huddersfield
Friday 10th January Laugh Local Chorlton Irish Club w/ Angela Barnes, Andy Robinson and Tony Burgess
Saturday 11th York  and Hull 

Then I’m off to Dubai for a bit if you know anyone there.

(click for info and booking details)

I saw this the other day – it’s great innit?


Take care amigos and keep in touch




Last chance(s) to see me be a stand up comedian…..

…this year.

We have two Laugh Local shows – 6th December in Chorlton and 13th December in Prestwich. Full details are here

I’ve two tour dates left Bolton on the 12th December and Andover on the 20th December – and then that’ll be that.

I’m doing a few spots at The Comedy Store in London and Manchester – including New Years Eve in Manchester – dates here

…and then it’ll be 2014 – exciting innit?


ps don’t forget podcast “About 30 minutes never more than 45″ is available free of charge every week from iTunes




Hello? Hello?! Is this on?


Hi Friends/Fans/Stalkers/Haters/Distant members of my family

It’s been a while – sorry! I’ve been a busy little bee the last few weeks since getting back from Sri Lanka. Thanks to everyone who has come to the gigs on the tour so far – just a few left now, Darlington, Grantham, Andover and Bolton – details on the tour but above. Audiences have varied in terms of size but have been consistent in that the laughs have always been there and the feedback has been really good – so thanks.

I did the Bradford Chamber Annual Dinner on Friday really nice evening, strange though to see the top table consisted of the local MP, the Lord Mayor and the Bishop of Bradford, as I walked onto the stage I remarked it felt less like a gig more like the opening of an episode of Poirot.

A quick trip to London on Monday to do a try out thing for telly at the Canal Cafe Theatre in Little Venice was fun and it was super duper to catch up with a great old friend Tom Wrigglesworth. I think he’s one of the nicest people in the entire world.

Next two Laugh Locals are imminent we are at Chorlton on the 6th Dec and Prestwich on the 13th. Show details here.

I’m putting together my plans for 2014 at the moment. I think I’m going to be doing the Fringe in Edinburgh – I’ve got an idea for a show I really like, so let’s see.

In the meantime the podcast “About 30 Minutes never more than 45″ seems to be going down well. New episode is here – it features Tom Stade, Paul Thorne, an awkward moment at Waterloo Station and me and my son having a heart to heart. As always let me know what you think on info@justinmoorhouse.com

Speak soon brothers and sisters


Justin x



Back Home

It’s good to be home. I say that after leaving Habarana at 6am, driving 4 hours to Colombo airport, a 13 hour flight to Heathrow, then a car drive up to Manchester with a diversion through the centre of Birmingham and getting in the house 23 hours after I had set off. Bliss, cup of tea and off to bed? No. Little Miss Moorhouse popped her poorly face around the door (she’s got tonsillitis) and couldn’t sleep. So after a fitful attempt at getting her and me off to sleep in the spare room with her coughing, fidgeting and stage whispered conversation starters, we (I) finally gave up and got up at 5am.

So I thought I’d use the time and catch up on here. Sri Lanka was hectic, hot, humid and hard work. I, like most of us, was always of the opinion that when Judith Chalmers and co were asked making these holiday programmes that ‘it’s not all glamour’ thought – yeah, right. However I do have some sympathy. I’ve spent most of the last seven days in a bus, driving for hours on end visiting briefly one beautiful spot after another. Stopping long enough to ‘get the shots’ but never long enough to relax and enjoy it like you or I would on holiday. I’m not complaining to be clear – I had a great time and I got paid (obviously)

Sri Lanka is stunningly beautiful, the people are laid back and warm, the food is incredible and I hope when the films come out we can show all that.

Back to reality now – I’ve got a tour show on Friday in Ormskirk at the Rose Theatre at Edge Hill University, it’s a great venue and there are a few ticket left – have a look here.

Episode 3 of the podcast is up, it’s got a death defying Tuk Tuk ride, and a trip to a fancy dress shop – have a listen, let me know what you think.

Take care and be nice to your Nannas.

Justin x


Thor’s Day


I’m writing this on Thursday – that’s why I called the post Thor’s Day because that’s what it is, I think, I’m not sure or arsed to be honest. Just struggle to think of a title for the posts – all I want to do is list some stuff I need you to consume if I’m honest.


I’ve started to do a podcast (yeah ahead of the game there aren’t I?). It’s called Justin Moorhouse – About 30 minutes never more than 45. That’s what’ll be. It’s me recording my week and the interesting people I meet on my exciting journeys. First one is ‘up’ as they say and you can get it here on iTunes or here if you don’t use iTunes. First episode has Martin Kelner (FT Fans), Daniel Townes, Toby Hadoke and Neil Fitzmaurice. I’m recording the second as I go along and expect me to bang on about it as it becomes available.


I’m going to Sri Lanka (working but nice) doing this www.gmab.co.uk – have a look you can win a holiday.


Tour extension is going well, I’m having fun. Middleton Arena was alright last week, I think? There was one woman in the audience who enjoyed herself a bit too much. If you were there you’ll know who I mean. In fact in a real North Mancunian way she was told exactly what was thought of her by several members of the audience as she left! Thus weekend I’m in Much Wenlock in Shropshire on Friday and Harrogate on Sunday. Harrogate is SOLD OUT in the evening but I’m doing a matinee at 4pm if you fancy it. All the dates are on the button above TOUR DATES 2013.

Ok – stay strong amigos

Speak soon

Justin xx


September Rain


Oh it’s wet isn’t it? Cold an’ all. It’s almost like Summer is over isn’t it? Have you put your heating on? 

Well here we are then, those lazy, hazy, crazy days of Summer 2013 are over, and now it’s the drudge (or briskness depending on your perspective) of Autumn (or Fall if you are one of them Americans) before the misery of Winter. I was a bit upset about it but then like I said on Twitter I remembered I’ve got a lovely scarf – so y’know it’s not all bad.

I’ve had a ball so far this September, I’ve done the first two shows of  my tour extension in Barnsley and Swindon, thanks to everyone who came, I really appreciate it. These dates are a bit spread out – my next dates are at Middleton Arena on the 27th. All the rest of the dates are on the TOUR DATES 2013 button above this bit. We’ve sold out for the Harrogate show, but they’ve put a matinee on for us at 4pm as well.

The weekend just gone was a nice one I was at the Comedy Store in Manchester on Thursday and Saturday and we had another Laugh Local at Chorlton Irish club on Friday.  The next one is 11th October – we’ve got Andre Vincent, Simon Bligh, Hayley Ellis and it’ll be hosted by Jason Cook – I’m going to be away – I’m abroad working (I’m not allowed to say where or why yet – I’ve had a load of injections for it – so it’s somewhere exciting).

In between all that I legged it down to the stunning Portmerion to do a spot at Festival No.6 – I was gutted that I could only be there for an hour or so, it looks incredible. I hear the weather wasn’t fantastic after I left but who cares when you’ve got Nile Rodgers on?

Sunday I spent at Media City recording a play for Radio 4 with a great bunch of people led by the amazing George Costigan. It’s on the radio on the 12th October – I reckon it’ll be great.

Be nice to your Nanna and don’t do drugs kids

Justin x

I’ve been listening to Lloyd Cole – Standards – It’s really good. Really good.

I’ve been reading – The Wrong Boy by Willy Russell - I’m enjoying it

I’ve been watching – Breaking Bad – so has everyone else



Back to School

bohemia-back-pack-satchel-2 blog

It’s back to school for my little girl today, and whilst six weeks is enough time off for anyone I’ll miss her. Yeah right,course I will – get your bag, stick your helmet on (we go on the bikes I’m not over protective) and get gone.

To be fair to her she’s excited, new classroom, new teacher and all that. When I pulled the curtains back this morning it was misty and it reminded me how it always seemed to be that little bit colder, more autumnal on that first day back in September than even the day before. Like God was telling us that fun was over and it’s time to learn. That’s if he exists obviously (I’m not sure – are you? Wow I’m not opening that can of worms this morning – why not let me know what you think? Don’t.)

So she’s back and I’m back to school myself this Thursday. I did 38 dates on my Justin Time tour in the spring and I’ve booked in another 18 for the Autumn. I’m going to the places I couldn’t get booked in earlier in the year. It’ll be the same show (more or less – I’m not completely sure what I did word for word – some of the routines might even be better) so if you came already I wouldn’t bother unless you REALLY liked it.

This Thursday I’m at the Lamproom Theatre in Barnsley where I’ve played a few times for Toby Foster who does a night there once a month or so and then Swindon on Friday. All the details are on the button above that says Tour Dates 2013.

Last night I hosted a heat of the BBC Radio New Comedy Awards at the Comedy Store in Manchester. There were ten acts on doing five minutes each and they were all really good. Usually in these competitions you get one or two who aren’t ready or aren’t ever going to be comedians no matter how hard they try – not last night. I was blown away by the standard, of the ten I wouldn’t have been surprised if any of about six of them had won. In the end the judges gave it to Peter Brush who was brilliant and runners up spots to Dane Baptiste and Steve Bugeja. It’s unfair to single out any of the others as they were great but both Harriet Kemsley and Michael Spicer made me laugh the most.

I reckon it’s harder for new stand ups now than it was when I started out. There’s so many doing it and I’m not sure getting gigs is that easy. I did about 250 open spots in my first year and though it was hard work I loved it and it helped me get on a lot quicker than people can now. Good luck to you young warriors – I take my hat off to anyone brave/stupid/angry/deluded/passionate enough to want to do this for a living. It is the best job in the world – people often say “you must be dead brave to do that’. I don’t think so. I think the real bravery is wanting or needing to do it in the first place.

Anyway I’m boring myself now – back to school best wishes to the scholars and the stand ups. Make sure you have your pencils sharpened and don’t forget your PE stuff.

Lots of Love



Foul mouthed comedian – Me.


People always sometimes very rarely ask me what do I do all day. Well today I’ve been ‘writing’. This generally means tweeting and facebooking, monitoring the ‘transfer market’, looking up YouTube videos of previous ‘transfer targets’ my team didn’t buy. I then imagine we did and work out the results of matches that they might have played in and adjust the league positions accordingly. August has been unusually busy as well – I’ve got to read all the reviews from Edinburgh of people I do and don’t know, then I have to deal with the schadenfreude and envy this brings on. Then I have to spell check “schadenfreude”. Plus there’s been cricket to watch. I’m worn out. Frankly I’m amazed I have anytime to make a cup of tea never mind write.
I’m currently working on and writing new stand up material, I like to write new ‘lines’ all the time and then when they get stuck together they become a ‘bit’. Then I stick all the ‘bits’ into a thing I call a new ‘hour’. I then do this ‘hour’ and all the ‘bits’ gets a bit bigger and I add new ‘lines’ and sometimes these bigger ‘bits’ split into two or three different ‘bits’ then all those ‘bits’ become a ‘show’. That’s the plan anyhow.
Anyway – I wanted to ask you a question, I’ve been watching back some stuff I’ve filmed where I’ve been trying material out and I’m a little uncomfortable with how much I swear. I think, in fact I’m pretty sure that I swear more when I’m trying new material out. I can sometimes decide to do a completely swear-free set. I don’t think anybody notices. I don’t know if I need to swear? I know that if I cut the swearing out, and use it very sparingly it has more impact – that’s pretty much accepted. I’m also not bothered about swearing in general, they are only words after all, but I think sometimes when I swear – with my voice/accent and persona it can come across as ‘uncouth’ or basic. What do you think? I’d be interested to know.



A Wet Monday in August


Well, it’s a damp, dismal day. Looks like they’ll be no more play in the cricket. Let’s cheer ourselves up. Have a listen to this. There’s no connection, nothing too cool about it, just songs I think will chase away the afternoon.

Justin x




Do you have ambitions?

My top ten ambitions at the moment

10. Play the London Palladium
9. See both my kids graduate from University
8. Ride the footplate of a steam train
7. Perform in Australia (again)
6. Lose weight
5. Get a sitcom on TV
4. Do a run of shows at the Opera House in Manchester
3. Train and make friends with a wild bird.
2. Learn improv.
1. Go to New York.

What are yours?

J x