All roads lead to Upperthong this Saturday for my tour date. Tickets in bio.

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These are lovely. I’ve got one. Get one yourself.

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It’s that time of the year again


Hey Friends

I don’t care what your politics are but I’m pretty certain most of us agree that people who are using food banks rather they weren’t. I’d also say most of us if not all would agree that the children of adults who are using food banks aren’t to blame for their parent’s predicament. Imagine being a kid this Xmas and knowing times are hard and money is tight at your house? It’s hard for them and it’s hard for Mum and Dad.

“Last couple of years a few of us via Twitter and Facebook and that have done something dead simple. During November we went out and encouraged others to go out and buy Advent Calendars (in bulk if possible – if not maybe just an extra one with your weekly shop?) The thought being that the last thing skint parents who had to go to food banks would be doing is buying one of these. They’re part of Xmas for the kids (and some adults) in my family – a little thing we can do to put a smile on a kids face and maybe Mum’s and/or Dad’s too.

Let’s aim that every kid has an Advent Calendar this year.

Hallowe’en Update

Hello Everyone

I hope that everything in your life is brilliant and that everyone you know is excellent and that all the hurdles that this terrible, terrible world throw at us, these seemingly insurmountable problems that we face can be conquered, if it’s not then because I hoped for it I’ve done my bit haven’t I? Not my problem anymore.

Let me talk about myself.

Tour is going well thanks for asking (I know you didn’t) , I’ve enjoyed all the shows so far, I’m adding more dates – have a look see if I’m near you. HERE

I’ve written one of the JB Short plays that are on from Tuesday night at their new home in Manchester 53Two DETAILS

You might have seen my scared face on Celebrity Haunted Hotel on Thursday – I got in trouble for throwing a coin in the poltergeist shed. Though I will say I wasn’t the only thing in there making noise….

You might also have seen me being a thicko on Pointless on Saturday. Tuesday? TUESDAY ADAMS?!!??

Tomorrow (Tues 1st November) I’m on Celebrity Storage Hunters – have a watch. It was a right laugh to record. I’m trying to raise money for Willow Wood Hospice… DETAILS HERE

Finally podcast is back a little more regularly than before…you can subscribe from HERE


See you soon muckers


Justin x







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Tour update – 2 Absolutely loved tonight at Chorley Little Theatre née Empire (see pic). A lovely lively audience made for a great night. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. You had to be for.. Heavy breathing Black sabbath woman Uncle Fester I think the theatre want me to put another night on – so if we do I need a favour? Tell your mates. Exaggerate if you want. Tag yourself in the photo if you were there. Onto TThe Cookieon Thursday. Tickets from

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Back To School


Hey Everyone

I’ve been away and now I’m back.

Hope you are all fine and dandy?

Having a bit of a tidy up….

See you in a bit