I’m in #shrewsbury tonight.

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Tonight. #shrewsbury

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Spread the word Salopians.

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Always enjoy playing #shrewsbury – tomorrow night 730pm.

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Shrewsbury. Tomorrow.

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Tonight. A few seats left. http://ift.tt/1OYoHEn see you there

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Burnley tonight. Brilliant Mechanics. It was crackers last time. Looking forward to it.

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Tonight. A few seats left. http://ift.tt/1OYoHEn see you there

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Grab last few tickets for tonight from http://ift.tt/2kZL076

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This weekend’s gigs – Burnley on Friday then Shrewsbury on Sunday. Come along bring some mates.

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Tour continues. All dates and booking links in my bio. I’m funnier than ‘some’ think – I think.

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Catching up with @rickygroveruk – he’s one of the best people I know.

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Love the Walker Theatre theatre severn – perfect for stand up comedy. I’m there Sunday.

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366 calories. Or Lunch.

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Burnley tomorrow.

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Not loads of dates left for Spring leg of tour. Catch me if you can. I’m pretty funny. At times.

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Reddish, aptly.

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Burnley. Friday. Always great Burnley Mechanics

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Shrewsbury. Sunday. Lovely space in the studio theatre severn

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Burnley Friday, always a great night on tour

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