Morning Soldiers

Back in January I was over in Dubai doing some gigs and  the morning of my return I overslept. I had the usual 7 alarms turned on and managed to snooze/switch them all of. Ended up having to get another flight, at my cost. This morning I had to be in London at 10am. It’s for a paid job, but the confirmation came in too late for me to book a cheap train. The cost of booking a train first thing in the morning to London is prohibitively expensive, I decided to drive. I do this sometimes, get up dead early, drive to Stanmore or Edgware, somewhere off the M1 on the end of a tube line. It’s fine.

I’ve overslept. Turned my alarm off and rolled over.

Currently on a train that’s cost me about what the rearranged flight from Dubai cost me.

Anyhow – this is cheering me up Dads at One Direction Concerts

Smashing, have a lovely day


Justin xx



twenty past 3, Monday












Thanks for all the broadly positive comments about Corrie (some people are awful – seriously horrible). I watched most of it before I had to do a show, it’s really hard watching yourself – cringed my way through. Let’s see what happens next, be great to be asked to do more, really enjoyed it, everyone was welcoming and down to earth. Fingers crossed.

It was the Heatons Comedy night last, busy these days. Cracking line up – Pierre Hollins and Paul Thorne, two of the best plus I saw a new act I hadn’t seen before – Will Setchell, he was superb. Really funny stuff, reckon  he’s going to do really well. Why not follow him on twitter @willsetchell

I’m stepping in for Jason Cook tonight (he’s poorly the lamb) at the Comedy Store in Manchester – it’s the BBC New Comedy Awards. I’ll try and podcast some of it.

Talking of which – podcast should be up and available soon. Remember I’ve promised you one a week.


Justin xx



Promises and Pie Crusts











Hi Loyal Fans

Thanks for visiting again….

Back form Edinburgh and holidays refreshed – I’ve neglected my website/blog posts etc


A list of promises

1. Podcast is back this week, and will be weekly. PROMISE.

2. I’ve got some news about something really good, coming soon. PROMISE

3. I’m on telly again tonight ITV1 in Corrie playing Dean. It’s a one hour, you’ll like it. (PROMISE-ISH)


Speak soon comprades


Justin xxxxx


#edfringe Day 2 into 3












Own shows done - 2

Other shows done1 (Chortle Fast Fringe)

Other Shows Seen0 (poor)

Falafel count3

BeersLots after first show – a shandy after last night

Clips of bad American stand ups shown by Danny McLoughln (him above)loads.

Having fun, show is good. Weather fine, flat nice and tidy. Flatmates nice.

No one has looked over my shoulder for someone famous, nor have I done that yet.

Bought a bike. It’s the Raleigh Sprint circa 84/85 – I had one myself it’s ace.











2 shows tonight, tired, having a nap.



Justin x




#edfringe 2014 Day 1


So here we are. Ready for whatever it brings us.

Already, had a drink. (I’m with Mick Ferry). Had a terrific cheap curry at Kebab Mahal – don’t think we’ll be strangers to this place.

Done the tech – I’m walking onto this

My room looks like this













Show is ready, I’m ready, room is ready. Let’s go…..




One Final Push…..










********don’t forget that the podcast is back in a couple of weeks when Mike the Magic Man is home from hols********

Ta for everyone at Jason Manford’s gig in Matlock last night for Manford’s Comedy Club – tonight it’s Players Bar Birmingham for them again. Great line up Gary Delaney Tom Wrigglesworth Sean Percival. Then it’s onto the rest of the Edinburgh previews like this –

Sunday Old Gate Bar & Restaurant Hebden Bridge then The Fleece Countryside Inn Barkisland
Monday The Customs House, South Shields with Jason Cook
Tuesday – XS Malarkey Manchester The Pub/Zoo

********don’t forget that the podcast is back in a couple of weeks when Mike the Magic Man is home from hols********

Wednesday – Snooze
Friday – My bloody business

********don’t forget that the podcast is back in a couple of weeks when Mike the Magic Man is home from hols********

Saturday – gigs at The Hyena Lounge Comedy Club and Hifi Club Leeds
Sunday – The Royal George for Off the Rails – Comedy Night and then The Norfolk Arms, Marple Bridge – for final two previews
Then – EDINBURGH – 9.30 EVERY NIGHT Gilded Balloon


Dragged across them….










Had a lovely day yesterday all round, topped off with a nice preview in Matlock Bath, thanks to those who made the effort to travel from distant lands like Macclesfield and Newcastle-under-Lyme. It genuinely is appreciated, thanks. I saw Dotty Winters on the way in, she was on her way out, she’s great really funny. I reckon she’s going to be famous. I did my last scenes on ‘t’cobbles’ as I think you are contractually obliged to say when you appear on Coronation Street – my scenes will be on from the end of August I think. I’d love to go back, so if you are reading this ‘top brass’ – get Dean back in  Off to the Arc in Stockton tonight – it’s sold out, but I’m adding an extra preview in at Customs House on Monday with Jason Cook -it’s on their website – it’s fundraiser to help them out. See you there?


Wednesday 16th July 2014 AD














Busy day. Baths, Birthdays, buns, back on t’street for a bit (final bit). Then off to Matlock Bath tonight for a preview at The Fishpond with my mate Anthony J Brown compere and the lovely Kiri Pritchard-Mclean.


********don’t forget that the podcast is back in a couple of weeks when Mike the Magic Man is home from hols********

Please do continue to think about possibly buying tickets for my Edinburgh Fringe show – This Is What I Am at the Gilded Balloon 9.30pm. 


Here’s an idea – if you’ve seen the preview of the show and you’d like to recommend it – why not do so in the comments please?


T’comedy club.





********don’t forget that the podcast is back in a couple of weeks when Mike the Magic Man is home from hols********

Tonight I’m in Harrogate at the very lovely Sitting Room Comedy Club. I like Harrogate a lot, it’s a Yorkshire town with a lot of swagger and a lovely big bit of grass in the middle they call The Stray. It’s a good word that isn’t it – stray, better than a walk – a walk where you might got lost.

********don’t forget that the podcast is back in a couple of weeks when Mike the Magic Man is home from hols********

I hope they still aren’t banging on about that bike race they had last week. Only kidding, it was brilliant wasn’t it – The Tour De Yorkshire or whatever they called it, glorious sunshine and millions of people. I think it’s rained every day since they got to France.

********don’t forget that the podcast is back in a couple of weeks when Mike the Magic Man is home from hols********



My cuppeth overflows

Monday morning, the morning after the night before. Well what a World Cup hey?

I loved it, absolutely loved it. Obviously England going out early doors (football cliche there for you) dampened the spirit, but come on – it was fantastic.
In no particular order we’ll always remember
J(H)ames Rodriguez, spray cans, goal line technology, 7-1 AND 5-1. RVP diving goal, massive insect on his arm, bite, drums, turn the music off when the anthems are coming to an end, 11pm kick offs (second half in bed), that first day with no football feeling empty, stickers – loads of great memories.
Can you believe FIFA have given the the Golden Ball to Lionel Messi? Even he doesn’t think he deserves it – look at his face.
Anyhow it’s time for MY WORLD CUP – I’m nearly ready for Edinburgh, are you? Come and buy a ticket and see my show…PLEASE 

Again, a half-arsed weak apology

Hello Gang


Thanks for all the laughs and support in the preview shows so far, was ace last night in Doncaster and the shows previous this week, Huddersfield, Ramsbottom, Bury, Stockport and Didsbury – cheers for coming. Got a few previews left – see you there if you can.

Thanks for reading – listen, I’ve been really really busy. Been filming, doing loads of gas, radio shows all sorts. But again – SORRY. I’ve not done a podcast for ages and I said I would and I haven’t.


I know this isn’t good enough, and that I’ve you all down and that your life isn’t as enriched as it should be. But I’ve got a promise.


It’s coming back ,the podcast is on it’s way back. It’ll be a couple of weeks away because Mike who makes the magic happen is having a well deserved holiday. But it’s coming back. I PROMISE.

In the meantime – have a listen to THE WORLD CUP AWARDS show I did on 5 Live with Jo Caufield and Paul Sinha to keep you happy.

Have a look at this – it’s Les Dennis in cricket gear asleep – niche picture.












AND here’s me and my helmet












Speak soon.


Couple of cancellations

Admission Tickets


Sorry about this but I’ve had to cancel a couple of preview gigs due to filming commitment.

The preview in Birmingham on 8.7 with Jason Cook (poss we will rearrange for 21/23 July) and my preview at The Tringe Festival in Tring 9.7 have had to be taken out. Apologies if you’d bought tickets – contact where you bought them from for more details.

I’ll make it up to you – I promise I will



Me, You, Edinburgh, August, Half, Nine?

Please buy tickets for my Edinburgh show.

Hello Friends

If you are in Edinburgh for the festival season – I’d be delighted if you’d consider joining me?

Tickets from here


Podcast apology/update


I’ve been a bit rubbish with podcast. There hasn’t been one for a few weeks because :-

a. I’ve been busy
b. I got out of the habit
c. I accidentally deleted some recordings I’d done and it upset me so I didn’t do anymore for a bit.

So, we will be back next week. Promise.

Please also remember it’s FREE so calm down on the anger at me not giving you the FREE thing.

Lots of love



See me and Jason Cook for FREE




So, do you fancy a free* night out?

 Want to help me and Jason Cook get our Edinburgh shows ready?

 Are you free on the (2nd June) 9TH JUNE 7.30 for a couple of hours?

So, me and Jason Cook are going up to Edinburgh for the Fringe and this time of year is all about previewing the shows, getting them ready and tweaking. Sweating, panicking and nearly giving up. It’s a lonely road but well worth it. To that end, Jason and I are helping each other out by doing a few previews together and giving each other notes. If we were theatrical types we might say we were directing each others shows, but seeing as though he’s a former Merchant Navy man and I’m a very manly kind of bloke we won’t.


Deal is you get to see us two do an hour each, there will be an interval and we aren’t charging. It’s at the brilliant King’s Arms in Salford – but that bit of Salford that’s almost city centre Manchester – just over the bridge from Deansgate.


*What we are doing is sticking a bucket out at the end and if you have enjoyed the show and want to show your appreciation you can drop some cash in there, all the money (after the pub’s expenses) will be going to Wood St Mission, who if you don’t know what they do – are a brilliant charity helping local families with some of the most basic things – school uniforms and that. They are amazing.


To get tickets you must email kingsarmssalford@gmail.com with JUSTIN MOORHOUSE TICKETS in the subject. Maax capacity is 80 so only please ask for tickets if you are able to come.


See you there


Justin and Jason
















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May 1 – Thursday Morning









Hello readers

It’s Thursday morning, May Day.

Stuff to thank you for :-

Podcast – cheers for downloading and all the comments (good and bad) – new eps (nearly) ever week from HERE

Run through in London last night – appreciate everyone making the effort especially during Tube Strike – gladdens my heart that the Blitz spirit is still strong with you Londoners

Stuff to sell you – nothing.

Things I think you should know – we have a really special guest this Friday at Laugh Local. We can’t name him or her – but genuinely you’ll be annoyed if you don’t come and then find out.

I’m loving this at the moment – from Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbot (dir. J Vegas)





Very Local Stuff (and a trip to Truro)

Hello Gang

Sometimes I have to remind myself that I’ve got a brilliant job filled with fun and some genuinely amazing people. This weekend is no exception.


It’s been a brilliant week so far – I’ve been at JB Shorts at Joshua Brooks every night to see my play ‘Leaky Bacon’ (along with 5 other plays) being performed by three of the most fantastic actors.(That’s Jacqueline Pilton and Wendy Patterson in the photo, playing Nan and Mum pic. credit Braínne Edge) I’m genuinely thrilled with what they and Rupert Hill have done with it. Every time I’ve seen it I’ve come away feeling a little bit better about everything. Please come and see it if you get the chance. It’s best booking online as they’ve been turning people away on the door. It’s downstairs in a great pub that does really nice pies and real ales and all that stuff. It’s on now until the 12th April – I’m doing the box office on the 8th and 9th – see you there. Tickets here

We’ve got Laugh Local tonight (4th April) – Gary Delaney, Allyson Smith and Mike Newall – plus there might be a special guest. As always it’s a cracking night of comedy down at the Irish Club in Chorlton – tickets for that here

Saturday I’m on Fighting Talk on 5 Live at 11am with Freddie Flintoff, Robbie Savage, Richard Osman and Brian Noble – can’t wait, and then I’m MC at the Comedy Store in Manchester with a great line up including my mate Paul Sinha – the Sinhaman(Sinnerman?) from The Chase.

Then Sunday I’m off to Truro – can’t wait, a gig on the Quayside as part of the Festival with Roger Monkhouse and Tom Wrigglesworth.

It’s going to be a great weekend with loads of great people.

Speak soon chums

Justin xx



So tonight is the night. First night of JB Shorts at Joshua Brooks – if you’ve not been before I reckon you should. It’s 6 x 15 min plays by some decent writers (and me) with excellent Mancunian acting talent and some top notch directing. What’s not to like? Laughter, sadness, music and you can have a drink whilst you watch. My play “Leaky Bacon” has been directed by Rupert Hill and has a wonderful cast including Gracie Kelly and Woo Patterson and Jacqueline Pilton. I saw the dress rehearsal last night and I was blown away. I’m so proud of it, and I’d love it if you could take a punt on it – it’s on from tonight until the 12th April – there’s a Saturday matinee too. Only £6 – well worth it. Tickets are going fast www.jbshorts.co.uk





Hell Chums

Hope you are all well and life is treating you like the special person you are? You deserve it kid.

Sorry I haven’t posted on here for a while but I’ve been dead busy and lazy.

Since I last posted I’ve done some lovely gigs in the Middle East with Mike Gunn and Paul Sinha – both fine comics and splendid human beings. You should check them out, they are both on tour Paul is here and Mike is supporting Lee Mack on tour.

The podcast is going from strength to strength you can find it here – although I haven’t done one this week as my voice is kaput.

In other news, the adaptation of Everyone Quite Likes Justin (a sitcom I did for 2 series on Radio 4) for television is gathering pace, we did a read for important television people recently and they liked it, so it has moved another little bit. I’m not sure I can tell you exactly what is happening yet, but rest assured it’ll be good and fun and you’ll like it.

The other thing I’m happy to tell you about is that I’ve been asked to write a short play for JB Shorts. JB Shorts is a fantastic night out, 6 short plays (15 mins) in one night at Joshua Brooks in Manchester. I’ve been to loads of them and had a great night each time. So I was chuffed to be asked to write one, so I did, and now it’s finished and Rupert Hill is directing it. He’s a brilliant bloke. We will be looking for 3 actors – all female, aged 20’s 40’s and 60’s. It’s a profit share thing so no one is getting rich, however they are great parts (I humbly state) and lots of industry people come and look etc. You know the drill if you are in the acting game anyhow….The casting breakdown/contacts will be on the JB Shorts website/facebook etc.

That’t for now, speak soon


Justin xx