Early bird*. After worm** *actually me – human **veggie so soya worm please.

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Me and Jones and Johns

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Ian Moore.

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Afternoon coffee

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The gang at @bbc5live #fightingtalk

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Just found out I’ve got my own bathroom #pna2016

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Tonight’s venue. #cricket #lccc #pna16

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Pokey writing spot today.

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Flour free banana pancakes. Berries. Greek yoghurt. Raw Honey. #healthy ?

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Going in. Spicy cauliflower. It’s incredible.

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Hey Beyhive! I’m Becky with the good hair. Sorry.

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With possibly my favourite Priest Fr Frankie. @calmzone @comedystoremcr

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Rouse (Headless) Robbins (Resplendent) Hadoke (Mirrored)

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Shake #labradorsofinstagram

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Short back and sides

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Too warm a run for a fat lad and brown dog

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Me and Tim Vine last week. Note my actual white knuckles.

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Not quite an upgrade (Dream big son – may happen one day) but got moved to best seat @EtihadAirways

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Goodnight Melbourne. You’ve been a wonderful host #micf

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