... Foul mouthed comedian – Me.


People always sometimes very rarely ask me what do I do all day. Well today I’ve been ‘writing’. This generally means tweeting and facebooking, monitoring the ‘transfer market’, looking up YouTube videos of previous ‘transfer targets’ my team didn’t buy. I then imagine we did and work out the results of matches that they might have played in and adjust the league positions accordingly. August has been unusually busy as well – I’ve got to read all the reviews from Edinburgh of people I do and don’t know, then I have to deal with the schadenfreude and envy this brings on. Then I have to spell check “schadenfreude”. Plus there’s been cricket to watch. I’m worn out. Frankly I’m amazed I have anytime to make a cup of tea never mind write.
I’m currently working on and writing new stand up material, I like to write new ‘lines’ all the time and then when they get stuck together they become a ‘bit’. Then I stick all the ‘bits’ into a thing I call a new ‘hour’. I then do this ‘hour’ and all the ‘bits’ gets a bit bigger and I add new ‘lines’ and sometimes these bigger ‘bits’ split into two or three different ‘bits’ then all those ‘bits’ become a ‘show’. That’s the plan anyhow.
Anyway – I wanted to ask you a question, I’ve been watching back some stuff I’ve filmed where I’ve been trying material out and I’m a little uncomfortable with how much I swear. I think, in fact I’m pretty sure that I swear more when I’m trying new material out. I can sometimes decide to do a completely swear-free set. I don’t think anybody notices. I don’t know if I need to swear? I know that if I cut the swearing out, and use it very sparingly it has more impact – that’s pretty much accepted. I’m also not bothered about swearing in general, they are only words after all, but I think sometimes when I swear – with my voice/accent and persona it can come across as ‘uncouth’ or basic. What do you think? I’d be interested to know.