... Thor’s Day


I’m writing this on Thursday – that’s why I called the post Thor’s Day because that’s what it is, I think, I’m not sure or arsed to be honest. Just struggle to think of a title for the posts – all I want to do is list some stuff I need you to consume if I’m honest.

I’ve started to do a podcast (yeah ahead of the game there aren’t I?). It’s called Justin Moorhouse – About 30 minutes never more than 45. That’s what’ll be. It’s me recording my week and the interesting people I meet on my exciting journeys. First one is ‘up’ as they say and you can get it here on iTunes or here if you don’t use iTunes. First episode has Martin Kelner (FT Fans), Daniel Townes, Toby Hadoke and Neil Fitzmaurice. I’m recording the second as I go along and expect me to bang on about it as it becomes available.

I’m going to Sri Lanka (working but nice) doing this www.gmab.co.uk – have a look you can win a holiday.

Tour extension is going well, I’m having fun. Middleton Arena was alright last week, I think? There was one woman in the audience who enjoyed herself a bit too much. If you were there you’ll know who I mean. In fact in a real North Mancunian way she was told exactly what was thought of her by several members of the audience as she left! Thus weekend I’m in Much Wenlock in Shropshire on Friday and Harrogate on Sunday. Harrogate is SOLD OUT in the evening but I’m doing a matinee at 4pm if you fancy it. All the dates are on the button above TOUR DATES 2013.

Ok – stay strong amigos

Speak soon

Justin xx